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Launching in 2020

The James Pitt New York brand is a collection of unique shoes for men and women.

James Pitt New York are distinct in their style and elegance whilst ensuring maximum comfort. 

The elegant and tasteful prints embedded into our shoes is what makes James Pitt New York stand apart. From iconic NYC to L.A structures to iconic structures in small towns in the U.S.A. From Iconic structures in major cities and countries like Paris, Rome, London, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Kenya, Moscow, Shanghai and so on, to small towns in counties around the world, our shoes are certain to appeal to all citizens of all countries.

We’re proud to boast our shoes are MADE IN NEW YORK CITY by craftsmen who are masters in the art of shoe making and are some of the best shoe making talent in the world.

The James Pitt New York brand is a must have for all fashion enthusiasts around the world.